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Dr. S.M.S. Pillai


EducationMBBS,MD(Dermatology ) Dip(Venereology )FAAD.


Dr. S.M.S. Pillai

Dr.SMS Pillai MBBS, MD(Dermatology),DV (Venereology),FAAD is well known in the professional circles. He has worked in different medical colleges in India and is highly experienced and regarded.He has worked for more than 20 years in Dubai.He is the first Indian Dermatologist to qualify to do Private Practice independently in Dubai.

Treatments available for:

Laser Hair Removal using IPL from Japan especially meant for Asian Skin

Phototherapy using Waldermann, Germany – Narrow Band Ultra Violet Radiation

Psoriasis, Vitligo, Atopic Eczema many cases of immune related skin disorders

Radio Surgery for removal of small skin tumors, moles, warts, Skin tags

Microdermabrasion for pigmentations, scars, wrinkles on face, hands

Acne (pimple) Treatment using various techniques Roaccutanetherapy, Antiandrogen therapy, Chemical peeling, Commedone extractions using IPL laser therapy

Chemical peeling using various chemicals for treatment for Wrinkles, Pigmentations and Antiaging of skin

Cosmetic surgery of unwanted small skin tumors, scars, skin tags, etc

Warts removal by using Cryo cautery with Lipid Nitrogen or, Electrocautery

Keloid Therapy with Dermatojet injections,Cryocautery, Intralesionsal Steroid injections

Corn foot and Callus removals

Ingrowing Nails treatments

Cryocautery with Liquid Nitrogen for warts, skin tags-painless procedures for children and adults