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Another Milestone for hnc hospital`s Urology Kerala in India .

Advanced endourology treatment for kidney stones at mattanoor hnc hospital.

Dept of urology and advanced endourology centers at hnc performs single Keyhole surgery for PROXIMAL Ureteric Calculus.

Dr.Saleem MBBS,MS ,DNB .
Head urology Dept. and Medical Director of hnc and team successfully completed a keyhole surgery (PCNL ).This may be first in its kind in Kannur District and elsewhere said by Dr Saleem and he continued We are at Mattannur regularly doing endourology procedures in hnc hospital Mattannur since last one year may be equal to a specialist urology centers doing else where in the world. Case of 56-year old male patient with left flank pain more than 3months. It was diagnosed to b 30mm Proximal ureteric calculus with 12mm renal calculus. It was challenging because it is difficult for ureteroscopic clearance and PCNL to approach antegradely in  PROXIMAL 5cm of ureter..and  fragment stone in ureter without damaging ureter was the challenge. Patient had consulted other center in near by cities  where he was offered multiple key hole surgery or open surgery as the option due to high volume of stone at PROXIMAL 5cm of ureter.. with these approach cost would b very high and recovery will take time...

My confidence and strength were the facilities we had in our Urology Dpt OT, which is fully equipped to overcome any challenges. We have ultra modern facilities available in our urology Dept. Which is equally competent to any specialty urology hospitals in Calicut, Mangalore or anywhere in India and we operate with minimal cost by knowing we are not in a big city and our people are always not able to afford high costs. But hnc don’t want to compromise on quality.

We could complete the surgery in single key hole (PCNL) Successfully in 2hrs and cleared stone completely without damaging ureter, Our team was well prepared 
for an open surgery at any point in time. With the grace of God and support of our team without any complication, we could do it successfully.

We are at HNC MATTANOR urology and advanced endouroĺpgy dept   well equipped  to handle all kind of stone disease .,prostate disease, specialised incontinence clinic ,paediatric urology and andrology cases.