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We Take Care of Your Health

We Thrive to Ensure Healthier Families and Communities
The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Family and the World is a Healthy You


hnc Hospitals and Clinics are established with the aim to offer advanced medical treatments of international standards. In addition to offering traditional and established medical care services, hnc is distinguished with its speciality medical services. This means hnc has the personnel and facilities to provide advanced medical inquiry and treatments which are unique to this region.
Whether a patient is coming in for a routine or a specialized procedure, they will always benefit from hnc’s unique ability to quickly implement the newest discoveries and advancements in medicine. hnc health care group comprises of multi speciality hospitals and clinics with modern facilities and services with various departments working round the clock.
Every member of our team has pledged to make the services commitment to their knowledge to provide our patients, families and this is supported by the highest order of compassion, innovation, science and technology.

Meet our Chairman
Chairman & CEO

A patient seeking help any where should always enjoy the Best; First class treatment empathetic support and an environment that makes him feel comfortable and safe. This is and always has been our focus and guideline. Hnc is renowned competence centre for equally health and medical care. Here patients find all advantages united in almost unique concentration. The quality of our services sets high standards world wide.

We are continuously searching for the best possible treatment methods and medical innovations. This makes it possible to further improve and develop our extensive and impressive network. My sincere thanks to all board of directors including Executive and non executive directors who bring their external experience and an independent eye to decision making and my staffs who have responsibility for specific area of the hnc business for providing the highest standards of care and experience for hnc's patients and our colleagues .




Rehabilitation Center

There is no better place to recover from the challenges of addiction and other co-occurring disorders than in one of our clinics.

24*7 Emergencies

hnc hospitals provides care to patients 24 hours per day, seven days per week and is staffed by specialists in Emergency Medicine.

hnc Lab @ Home

hnc hospitals provides quick and easy diagnostic procedure at home from the most trusted hands.                                                                                         

hnc Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy helps to restore movement and function when someone is affected by injury, illness or disability. It can also help to reduce your risk of injury or illness in the future.

hnc birth Centre

A birth center presents a more home-like environment than a hospital labor ward typically with more options during labor: food and drink, music, and the attendance of family and friends if desired.

hnc Homeo

Homeopathy claims to stimulate healing responses to diseases by administering substances that mimic the symptoms of those diseases in healthy people.

hnc Gynecology Special Block

Department of Gynecology focus on the Health related needs of Women. They are cared for by specialists.

hnc diagnosis Centre

A diagnostic center performs various tests to determine the cause of the condition.                            

hnc Medical Counseling

Licensed Counselors, psychologists and doctoral interns provide CWU students with Counseling and mental health services.





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